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Wild Goose StorySlam: Failure (a love story)

Sat 4 PM | Studio

Rebecca Anderson

A fan of The Moth? This is gonna be your jam. Come and put your name in the hat to be one of 10 storytellers – or just come and listen to true stories, crafted for impact, humor, and connection. Our theme for the night is Failure: A love story. (Our title comes from the brilliant Philip Dawkins’ play.) From middle school awkwardness to grown-up sized mistakes, we’re telling stories of dropping the ball, messing up, screwing the pooch, bombing… What a bunch of knuckleheads we are (in ways big and small). The beauty of storytelling is you’ve got a room (or tent!) full of people who are on your side, who cringe and groan with you. A whole bunch of people who might even love you a little bit for your vulnerability and honesty. So come get yer fail on. To tell: Prepare a 5-minute, first-person, true story to tell without notes on your own or at our storytelling workshop. To listen: Um, just show up!

Rebecca Anderson

Rebecca Anderson

Rev Rebecca Anderson (church planter, Gilead Chicago; co-pastor, Bethany UCC) is ordained in The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). She has a MDiv from the University of Chicago and a BA in Playwrighting from Hampshire College. A believer in the power of the spoken word, Rebecca’s been on Snap Judgment (radio) and The Broad Experience (podcast). In Chicago, Rebecca has worked with story-telling companies like 2nd Story, The Moth, This Much is True, and Do Not Submit. As Earshot Stories, Rebecca has developed and teaches workshops designed to introduce the craft of storytelling, foster interpersonal connection, and develop the ability of individuals to interpret stories and other texts, including Scripture. ( After a trip to Vancouver, technically speaking, she does this internationally. Outside of work, she’s about potlucks, gardening, weaving, knitting, bicycling (in season), or doing *nothing* on Chicago’s beaches.

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