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Jesus vs. Caesar: For People Tired of Serving the Wrong God

Sat Noon | Library

Joerg Rieger

When we observe a tension between Jesus and Caesar, we acknowledge that a fundamental tension remains at the heart of Christianity. The tension is not between religion and atheism or secularism. Nor is it between organized religion and personal spirituality or between Christianity and other religions. The tension is located within the heart of Christianity itself because it is a radical conflict between faith that is life-giving for all and faith that is damaging and destructive of people and the earth. Jesus vs. Caesar serves as an indictment of the pieties of empire and their push for political, economic, cultural, and religious domination. Some forms of Christian faith (Jesus) versus other forms of Christian faith (Caesar). Whom and what will we trust and serve? Jesus embodies and exposes this tension in ways that transform destructive images of God, engender political and economic resilience, and model solidarity with others who are radically different, including other religions.

Joerg Rieger

Joerg Rieger is Distinguished Professor of Theology and holds the Cal Turner Chancellor’s Chair at Vanderbilt University. His work reflects on the misuse of power in religion, politics, and economics. His main interest is in movements that bring about transformation and in the positive contributions of religion and theology. He is author and editor of more than 20 books, translated in 6 languages, and over 140 articles.

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