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Heart and Mind: The Four-Gospel Journey for Radical Transformation

Sat Noon | Living Room

Alexander John Shaia

In this session, Alexander will articulate his ground-breaking book on the four gospels, “Heart and Mind.” Of this work, +Marc Andrus, Episcopal Bishop of California says, ” In ‘Heart and Mind’ Alexander gives us back our central sacred text–the four gospels–not as conflicted and faulty historical records, but as a vibrant, luminous path of transformation. He reveals ‘The Four-Gospel Journey’ as a living guide, re-centering human life on wisdom, compassion, and service, rooted in a mystical relationship with Christ. And the potential for this living guide is already becoming manifest, as individuals, groups and entire communities are using it all over the world, and the word is spreading.” Alexander is a frequent guest on the Robcast, The Deconstructions and Can I Say This At Church. For more, see

Alexander Shaia

Alexander John Shaia

Alexander John Shaia is an internationally sought-after author, speaker, ritualist and pilgrim mentor. He is known as a poetic and reflective gay man, living the ancient rhythms of his Lebanese, Aramaic and eastern Christian heritage. His seminal work, Heart and Mind: The Four-Gospel Journey for Radical Transformation, is being hailed as a breakthrough that restores the four gospels to their first-century context, revealing how they were chosen to be one, continuous, non-dualistic account of Jesus the Christ. In this way, the Gospel becomes a wise and numinous text, leading us on the journey of growth and transformation.

Alexander holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and has been a spiritual director, Jungian and Sandplay psychotherapist, cultural anthropologist, and pastoral associate. When not on the road, a perfect day finds him with his dog, a book of poetry, and the presence of ancient trees.

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301 Heart and Mind: The Four-Gospel Journey

Session #301

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