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COMMUNITY FORMATION 101: Some Portal Possibilities

Fri 2 PM | Convo Hall 2
Sat Noon | Convo Hall 2

Darlene Wright Van Dyke

How do we come together and create something larger than ourselves, that living breathing organism we recognize as “community”? From Drum circles to Contemplative Orders, from small churches to Dances of Universal Peace Circles, from The Farm in TN to the Wild Goose, what are some of the portals that open these to that mystical experience we call community? Part intentional process, part gift of the Resurrection grace, part happy accident, community is our natural habitat, our birthright as humans in the Human Family. What are some basic keys to becoming, creating, allowing community to happen? In ways relevant now? What would Wild Goose 24/7 look like beyond the Festival?We will explore one or more models highlighting some key dynamics, including Jack Gibb’s Trust Theory. We’ll experience some tools and processes, as time and space allow. We’ll begin The Conversation sharing our questions, our experiences, our wisdom, and our emerging vision. Looking forward to being community with you.

Darlene Van Dyke

My life’s journey is about the path of the Heart, seeking God through mystical experience, and nurturing the Sacred Unity that connects and heals, bringing wholeness within the human body/soul and groups, churches, communities. I’ve explored community-formation since 1970 when I attended a Trust-based Community Experience led by psychologist Jack Gibb, T-Group Method co-founder, mentor. An active member of the Episcopal Church since the early 70s, I’ve also explored many spiritual practices. I was led to the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer and the work of Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz in 1998, then began walking the Sufi path under his guidance. I received ordination in 2015 as a Sufi Healing Cherag(“Lamp”), an Interfaith Minister. My work has included teaching, writing, lay professional ministry, consulting, nurturing community. Presently semi-retired from 25+ yrs practicing Cranio-sacral Massage Therapy, Sound and Healing Arts, God’s call emerges still. I cherish being Grandmother to five. Delighted my 5th Goose!!!

220 Community Formation 101

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