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Kids at the Goose

Children aren’t just welcome at Wild Goose Festival – they’re an integral part of our community!

That’s why the Children’s Team offers four drop-off sessions during each festival, covering a large part of the daily programming window, along with other opportunities for gathering as families.

Drop-off sessions include Godly Play stories, singing, and free response time with a variety of art activities – all infused with fun and friendship!

We recommend signing up for drop-off sessions during the Thursday afternoon open house, as a growing attendance of children at the Goose may require us to cap attendance at our sessions. We want to be excellent hosts and caregivers to all the children who attend, and that means being conscious of how many children are in our space.

What is Godly Play?

Godly Play is an internationally-beloved Christian education curriculum and spiritual practice that encourages children to make meaning from the great mysteries of the Christian tradition. Instead of a didactic approach that tells them what to believe, Godly Play guides and participants explore possibilities together. I wonder… we ask… where are you in this story? What could we leave out or rearrange? What is your favorite part? Together, we stretch our theological imaginations using materials and language that reflect the diverse beauty of God’s creation!

Infants & Toddlers

While your very smallest children may not be ready for drop-off programming, they’re still a part of our community! Adjacent to the Children’s Tent, you’ll find a coll, dim space for nursing, diaper changes, and naps – equipped with rocking chairs, wipes, and snacks, as well as a second hospitality space with a calming tent and sensory toys for relaxing overstimulated little humans, resting, and relaxed play. With a large outdoor rug and soothing layout, we’ve hosted plenty of impromptu naps after hiking around the festival in the sun.

Other Family Programming

Recognizing how important it is for families to build connections with each other at the Goose and for children to have additional opportunities to play and enjoy each other’s company, the Children’s Team supports a number of additional social opportunities at the Goose. These include opportunities for afternoon games and bedtime stories on the “Back Patio,” as well as simply being a hub for families that want to gather to chat while their children play together nearby.

Stay tuned for updates on offering for Youth (beyond being free-ranged young people!) at the Goose.

Leadership & Safety

Central to the role of the Children’s Team at Wild Goose Festival, is ensuring that all children are having fun in a safe and supportive environment. To that end, all Children’s Team leaders and community volunteers are screened and background checked prior to the festival. Additionally, the core team is made up of experienced professionals whose regular work beyond Wild Goose centers the faithful nurture of children and youth and who bring all that skill and passion to the Goose.

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