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Tom Sine
Tom is an older author who is both learning from and celebrating the innovative of the under 35 – how are creating new ways to have an impact and to live. They are fashioning a rich array of new ways of being different and making a difference. Tom and his wife Christine are seeking to join them by living in an intergenerational household in Seattle. We grow 30% of our veg on an urban lot.

Live like yo give a Damn! Join the Changeemaking Celebration
God is stirring up the millennial generation, largely outside the church, to create new forms of social enterpise, local community empowerment and tiny houses for times like these. This is your invitation to discover creative new ways for God to use your life for serious change making. We will meet at Jenson Roll’s Tiny House…that is under construction. Join us and create innovative ways you can join those that are living like you give a Damn!

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