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Tessi Muskrat Rrickabaugh
Tessi Muskrat Rickabaugh is a graduate of Shalem Institute’s Spiritual Guidance Program and founder of Anam Cara Deaf Ministries, as well as The Barefoot Journey, an online community of people seeking to recognize God in the raw beauty of their story. A Native woman of Cherokee and Irish descent, Tessi uses her heritage as a member of the Long Hair Clan to promote peace and openness toward self and others through the power of sharing Story. Her Celtic soul delights in engaging the natural world and inviting people into interactive prayer experiences. In addition to home educating her daughter and writing, Tessi provides spiritual direction in English and American Sign Language in her central Missouri home and nationally through video call platforms.

The Story Labyrinth
Story. Unpredictable, yet ordered. Confusing, yet enlightening. Our stories shape us, and we shape our stories as we walk through them; our lives a holy journey, our existence a pilgrimage.
People have walked labyrinths since ancient times. We walk for many reasons: meditation, prayer, relaxation, direction, repentance, healing, pilgrimage or just plain fun.
The Wild Goose Story Labyrinth is a self-guided interactive prayer walk which invites you to pause and engage with the journey which is your life story, and the story of others. The Chartes-style labyrinth contains “stations” which provide hands-on opportunities to contemplate, express or receive Story in various creative ways.
Take off your shoes, feel the earth beneath your feet, and walk into the twisted beauty of The Story Labyrinth.

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