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Suzanne Teune
Suzanne is an artist from Asheville, NC. She is passionate about tuning into the Magic as she makes her art so that it may be a healing presence in the world. Her love for the earth, and respect for Native American ways of being human feed into her creative process. She grew up in Wheaton, IL and has lived in Asheville, NC for over 5 years. During most of this time, she has been working at “CooperRiis”, a holistic healing community for adults with emotional and mental health challenges. After spending this past year doing graduate work at the Burren College of Art in Ireland, she is happy to be back home and is looking forward to pursuing the next steps of her artistic dreams. Being at the Goose is an opportunity for her to combine her creative and spiritual journies in a way that is honest, open and healing. She is excited to share her art in this adventurous cross roads of an environment.

the story lodge
the story lodge is a place of honesty and truth. we will sit in a circle on the earth’s floor. we will feel the story of the earth as it mingles with our own story. come to share your story in a place of peace, openness, and adventure. i’ll start by sharing my own story of healing and rediscovering my own peace and how it continues. from there, the floor will be open to share as many stories as time allows in an open ongoing story revolution. we will also talk about our future stories and how the way we tell our story shapes our future. come to love. come to share. this is a safe space for all sorts. come with an attitude of humility and openness ready to speak from the heart.

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