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Steve Halsted
Rev. Steve Halsted – NCIPL’s clergy coordinator, has devoted his career to Outdoor Ministries and Eco-Justice Ministries in the UCC and Council of Churches’ through preaching, teaching, leading retreats and advocating for clean energy, air and water and sustainable living in harmony with scripture and science.

Creation Care Stories: Ministries of Hope
For as long as there has been humanity, we have had stories. Stories help us to bring meaning and understanding into our lives. How do we make meaning of our interdependence and connection to the earth? North Carolina Interfaith Power and Light invites you into a space of meaning making as we relate the stories of how we are transforming humanity’s abuse and destruction to the earth through the hope filled mediums of 1) Worship-Earth Sabbath Celebrations 2) Energy Working Group 3) Food and Resiliency 4) Faith in Action- advocating with compassion.

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