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Sheridan Hill
Sheridan has worked with the ability to confront grief since she was a teenager and lost a parent tragically. Since then, she has helped several relatives pass over and served for nearly three years as a volunteer for CarePartners Hospice, singing and playing the harp at the bedside of hospice patients. She currently facilitates a grief circle in Black Mountain, NC. Her grief work is informed by workshops with Sobonfu Some, Frances Weller, and Robert Sardello, Ph.D. as well as their books, and the writings of Martin Prechtel. Sheridan is not a therapist, but does claim the title of Master Griever. Her own life, and her work as a biographer, have led her to conclude that there is a whopping backlog of ungrieved losses packed inside everyone; the sooner we set about this work, the better; and, we need to help each other through it.

The Journey to Healing Walk
“Rituals of Renewal is a healing workshop led by Lyndon Harris and Sheridan Hill. Journey to Healing is a contemplative walk around a designated area of the Wild Goose campus, Stations of the Cross style. Either can be chosen by itself, but the healing experience is most powerful when the contemplative walk (Journey to Healing) follows the workshop (Rituals of Renewal). The Rituals of Renewal workshop focuses on specific acts anyone can take to create healthy ways of dealing with the experience of loss and grief. Journey to Healing creates an experiential encounter with the five gates of grief described by Francis Well in his book, The Wild Edge of Sorrow. Incorporating meditation, forgiveness exercises, and soulful contemplation, this exercise is intended to help sojourners become more resilient – spiritually, emotionally, and physically – by making peace with grief and loss.”

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