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Shawna Bowman
Shawna Bowman hails from Iowa and used to get in trouble for drawing “too loud” in church. But really making stuff… music, crafts, woodworking, sewing projects were the life-blood of her family and she was just pitching in with her best gifts – visual arts. Shawna graduated from Iowa Wesleyan College with a degree in Studio Art and Art Education and used it to teach, learn and play with amazing students for five years in the public schools before heading off to seminary to lose herself in the work of becoming a pastor. What she learned instead was that for her pastoral imagination to flourish she couldn’t stop creating, and now she says yes to making, building, creating, writing and speaking in worship experiences all over the country and in the quirky community she pastors in Chicago called Friendship Presbyterian Church. The intersection of art and faith is where Shawna calls home and she’s excited to cultivate a working studio tent at the Goose that will integrate visual art with the arts of story telling and music making. If you’ve got a story to tell join us in the studio where you can make it, sing it, tell it and weave it with the sacred stories of others! She’s on Twitter and Instagram at: @shawnabowman and posts her work at:

Youth Art Workshop: Pocket Icons
Our lives are shaped by saints and sinners; by ancestors, mentors, teachers and peers. There are living voices who have influenced us and voices who have something to teach us through sacred text, poetry, song, art and rhythms. We will take some time to honor these voices by creating icon boxes – sacred containers to hold our stories and the voices and images of those who’ve helped to shape us. If you want to, you can bring words, song lyrics, images or poems that inspire you to include in your box or you can come open and ready for inspiration to strike! All materials will be provided!

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