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Sean Michael Morris
In his professional life, Sean is an internationally known educational leader whose work has brought together teachers, students, and administrators in higher education and K-12. He is the founder of Digital Pedagogy Lab, a non-profit focused on improving the landscape of education in the digital age. He also works in the Office of the Provost at Middlebury College. In his free time, Sean enjoys theory, philosophy, meditation, and yoga. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his husband, Matthew Morris, and his agender 20-year-old college student, Fio Law. He is currently at work co-writing a novel, and leading a pack of three happy mutts. He writes for Hybrid Pedagogy, a journal of learning, teaching, and technology, and at his own blog at

Troubling the Gospel: Seeking Critical Hope, Critical Love
Troubling the Gospel is an exercise of critical reflection. When we examine the Gospel, we cannot help but examine ourselves, and what the Gospel means to us in a modern world. To trouble the Gospel is to complicate it, to illuminate it, and to free it from traditional meanings that may or may not have resonance in our lives. In this presentation, Sean Michael Morris — a critical pedagogue, teacher, and contemplative — and Matthew Morris will lead an introductory investigation of what it means to approach the Gospel from a perspective informed by our lives and inflected by our times.

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