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Sarah Withrow King
Sarah is the Deputy Director of The Sider Center of Eastern University and the co-Director of CreatureKind, which engages the church on farmed animal welfare issues. After college, Sarah went straight to work in the nonprofit world, ensuring her lifelong material poverty. Wanting to combine her faith with her passion for advocacy on behalf of the oppressed and marginalized, Sarah obtained an MTS with a concentration in Christian Faith and Public Policy from Palmer Seminary, where she realized that she wanted to reclaim the word “evangelical” from the people who were giving it a bad name. She is the author of Vegangelical: How Caring for Animals Can Shape Your Faith (Zondervan, 2016). Sarah lives in Philadelphia with her husband and son. They share their home with two rescued dogs and two former street cats and are covenant members of Circle of Hope.

Being CreatureKind
Didn’t God give us animals to eat? Doesn’t being made in the image of God and having dominion over animals mean we can use them in whatever way benefits us? Should we really be talking about animals when there are so many people problems? We’ve all inherited a story about the place of animals in our life (yes, we used to like animals right next to our mashed potatoes, too). But is there a different story? One that doesn’t pit humans against the rest of creation, but helps us to move with the Holy Spirit into reconciliation with the whole world? Let’s find out together.

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