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René August
I used to be young, but now, just a black South African woman. A priest in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. I love questions and I love people. I work at The Warehouse where, among other things, I help host mulit-generational, racially diverse conversations that weave together our historical context, contemporary context and sacred texts so that we may live more faithfully in God’s story.

The ABC of Forgiveness as a tool to facilitate Justice
How can forgiveness play a role in creating conditions for justice to thrive? What do I do about repeated injustices and the fools who still walk around guilt free? My anger energises me and keeps me going. Without it, I lose my edge! What’s the ABC of that?

What does Forgiveness have to do with Justice?
Exploring parts of the South African story, the life, words and actions of Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. Forgiveness seems to have brought us nowhere. We have greater economic inequality today than during Apartheid! Was Mandela a fool? Is Tutu too old and too crazy? Forgiveness requires a deep personal journey. How can we think of forgiveness nationally? if at all?

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