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Rachel Pinto
Rachel Pinto is a psychotherapist and clinical director at Chenal Family Therapy in central Arkansas where she gets to hear breath-taking stories of pain, recovery, and regeneration on a daily basis. She is a trained trauma therapist (EMDR, mindfulness, meditation) who pulls wisdom from her own journey as a trauma survivor and recovering approval addict. She has worked as a psychotherapist for four years, and has mentored people in some capacity for twenty (as a high school teacher, a church minister, and a brief stint as the worst waitress in the history of the world). Rachel hosts the Ideation Podcast on iTunes, and she is a frequent contributor to local publications and radio broadcasts on the topics of sexuality, spirituality, and blended family dynamics. She holds a Master of Science degree from John Brown University (2012). Rachel lives in North Little Rock, Arkansas, with her wife, Robin, and their children.

Rachel Pinto

Marriage equality has been the law of the land for one year, but same-sex couples have been doing life together for just as long as straight couples. Sharing findings from highly respected marriage researchers, knowledge from her work as a psychotherapist, and examples from her own same-sex marriage, Rachel Pinto, MS, LAC, will discuss how same-sex couples have found ways to thrive without the help of privilege or culturally informed gender roles. Rachel will work with attendees to create a space of safety as we discuss the painful (and redemptive) relationship between oppression and success – through the lens of the LGBT community, as well as other marginalized groups.

My podcast, in which I interview others on topics I find interesting. My interviews of Sarabeth or Whitney are most along the lines of what I’ll attempt in this group setting, while adding in more content.;

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