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Miea Walker
Miea A. Walker, a graduate of North Carolina State University’s Master of Social Work program, brings a wealth of knowledge regarding mass incarceration and the roadblocks that returning citizens face as they are released from prison. She works tirelessly in developing strategic partnerships with agencies to effectively bridge the gap in service delivery. Her passion as a social justice advocate is geared towards building authentic relationships between the church and those returning home by training church leaders on the power of mentorship. She is the training and reentry specialist with Jobs for Life, a non-profit organization that helps local churches address the impact of joblessness. Her vision is to amplify the voices of those directly impacted by the criminal justice system (the individual, the family and the community) by creating awareness and challenging the status quo.

Set the Captives Free: A Christian call to end mass incarceration
The United States calls itself the land of liberty yet we have more people incarcerated than any other nation. Christ came to set captives free yet many Christians do not see ending mass incarceration as an urgent discipleship priority. This workshop will explore how Christians can bring change to the prison system by standing in solidarity with our incarcerated brothers and sisters and advocating for policies that set people free!

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