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Meg Tobin and Sarah Cowherd
Meg Tobin, MA, LMHC is the owner of Breathing Space Studio in Erieville, NY. She offers retreats, workshops and psychotherapy to encourage conscious connection on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. Her philosophy is heart-centered and spirit-filled, thus providing a safe place for exploration of all feelings and experiences. Meg begins where you are, with the truth that within each person lies a pure center. It is your whole, unchanging, perfect, divine, connected core just waiting to be remembered and honored. Sarah Cowherd, is a birth and postpartum Doula with over a decade of experience in supporting families. With gentle hands and a humble heart, she guides women to experience birth without fear and to move forward into parenthood with confidence. Meg and Sarah come together as feminists, birth rights activists, mothers, and kindred spirits to create a nurturing space in the Red Tent at Wild Goose.

Red Tent for Women
Women are looking for another way – one that is more consistent with our actual rhythms, cycles and ways of being in relationship to each other that support, foster and give us strength and courage. Here in the Red Tent we can journal, rest, receive or give energy work, draw, read, share or listen to women’s wisdom in the stories we share. Inside the Red Tent Temple we give ourselves time to remember who we are at our very core, honoring that to do that remembering we must turn from our identities and roles towards the innermost temple of our own hearts. Come into the Red Tent Temple and stop for a breath and to be in your body. In the quiet and sometimes celebratory company of wonderful women, feel. In what you feel, there is much that is waiting for you.

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