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Mary Mattmann

Mary Mattmann is a 2008 graduate of the University of Georgia with an AB in Dance and an ABJ in Public Relations. Mary graduated Magna Cum Laude and with High Honors from the Honors Program, completing her honors thesis on cultural appropriation of African American dance forms. Currently, Mary is working on a Masters of Dance Education through the University of North Carolina Greensboro distance learning program. She has presented at the National Dance Education Organization’s annual conference, and is passionate about creating a culture of inclusivity and community in and through dance. Mary also dances professionally in Atlanta as a member of SIDEWAYS Contemporary Dance Company. Mary has over ten years teaching experience, and currently teaches dance at Central High School in Macon, GA.

Meditative Dance
This is a session on dance as meditative prayer. Meditative prayer takes many forms. As a professional dancer and dance teacher, too often I find that “church” or “praise” dance means a specific type of dance performed only by appointed “experts.” But we were all made to move, just as we were all made to pray. In movement, we connect our minds, bodies, and spirits in the moment. I would like to guide others in finding their own meditative dance which puts one into a physical relationship with the Creator and opens one to the presence of God. I will be providing some ideas and starting points for developing a movement meditation practice, as well as leading participants through movement activities.

This video is an example of some of my work as a professional dancer; I am the dancer in this red skirt. This is not an example of anything we would do in the session, but rather to establish myself as a dancer.

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