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Luke Harms
Luke Harms is just your average guy who serves as a bureaucratic functionary by day and moonlights as a rabble-rousing activist on his time off. He has an utterly unmarketable degree in philosophy and likes to tell stories – most of them true – that bring people together in pursuit of our collective liberation. He is a repentant veteran of two wars and a hulk-like smasher of the stigma surrounding people living with mental illness, because A) he is one of those people and B) nobody else seemed to be doing it, so he figured he ought to. He lives in central Virginia with his partner Jill, their two boys, and an incredibly naughty doodle named Princess Leia.

Faith in the Fog: Dialogues of Faith and Mental Illness
Mental illness is not something we tend to talk about in the church, because frankly, it’s hard to reconcile with many of the dominant interpretations of the Gospel. When we do talk about mental illness, we rarely center the stories of those who are actually living with it. Faith in the Fog seeks to change that. It is intended to be an open, collaborative discussion at the intersection of faith and mental illness, a place where we can tell our own stories of our struggles with mental illness in the church (or perhaps the church’s struggle with our mental illness). We will celebrate the unlikely paths we find to salvation and lament those unfortunate places where we find it denied to us because of other people’s hangups about our brain chemistry. And we’ll ask what things like faithfulness, abundant life, community, and blessing mean in light of neurodivergence.

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