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Hailey Joy Scandrette lives and attends college in San Francisco where she studies US history, and counseling. She is passionate about issues of social justice, living incarnationally, and the power of storytelling. Hailey is the editor in chief and co-founder of Ignited Magazine, an online space by and for people ages 18-26 who are seeking to follow Jesus in their everyday lives through art, social justice and personal development. She is also excited to be featured as a contributor in her parents’ upcoming book, Belonging and Becoming: Creating a Thriving Family Culture.

Lisa Scandrette
Lisa Scandrette has devoted herself to a life of care, hospitality, and teaching. She regularly facilitates workshops and provides administrative support for ReIMAGINE, a center for integral Christian practice with a mission to help people become more fully human through engagement with the life and teachings of Jesus. She enjoys creating and crafting, and loves a good story. Lisa and her husband Mark make a life in the Mission District of San Francisco where they’ve raised three children to adulthood over the past 18 years.  She is coauthor, with Mark Scandrette, of Belonging and Becoming: Creating a Thriving Family Culture.

LIVING AND TELLING A GOOD STORY TOGETHER: How stories can help you create a family culture of belonging and becoming.

We are story making and story telling creatures. Stories help us know who we are and shape our imaginations for what it means to be human. Where do we come from? What is our purpose and destiny? What is the story of the real world? We live up to the stories we live under and families have a unique opportunity to discover the deeper story of the universe together. In this session we will explore practical and creative ways that families and households can investigate God’s larger story and the wonder and terror of our world in honest, authentic, and transforming ways.

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