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Lenora Rand

Lenora blogs with honesty, humor and disarming wisdom about trying to be more spiritual when you’re not very good at it on her Chicago-Tribune-hosted blog, Spiritual Suckitude, and is a regular contributor on She co-directs The Plural Guild, a collective crafting music, prayers, visual art & liturgy for people who want to do justice, love mercy, and worship in new ways that welcome all. Because she rarely sleeps, she also writes lyrics for the band The Many, works a very full time job as creative director in a big Chicago ad agency, and helps with communications for Wild Goose Festival.

Holy Crap: How to Write the Messy Glorious Truth of our Lives

What if God isn’t actually done writing the holy scriptures? What if our stories, the un-retouched, often confusing stories of our lives, are actually how God is being revealed today? It would be important to unearth and find ways to tell those stories, right? That’s what Lenora Rand, author of the popular Chicago Tribune blog, Spiritual Suckitude, regular contributor to, and co-director of The Plural Guild, along with cin salach, nationally acclaimed stage&page poet and creator of, will help us do, through interactive, easy, and yes, even fun, writing experiences, they will help us find ways to tell our stories and see them as some of the holy words of God for the world today.

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