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Jim McGee
Jim McGee is a Chaplain, Therapist, Minister and Musician in Louisville KY who weaves together music, nature, psychology and spirituality for the healing of individuals, community and the earth. He has worked as a Chaplain/Therapist in the field of mental health, with children, adolescents, and adults, and has served as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church USA. He draws on music and nature as wellsprings of emerging spirituality and provides music programs in nature preserves, state/national parks, and outdoor recreation areas. Jim is an instructor on the faculty of the Louisville Folk School in KY and is on the Arts and Education Roster of the Kentucky Arts Council, providing music education and arts residencies in the public schools. He holds a Master Degree in Folklore, a Masters in Social Work, and Masters in Divinity degrees.

Nature as a Sacred Text for Personal and Social Transformation
Learn to listen to the earth and to be in conversation with the land for deep images, metaphors and symbols that speak of our own transformation, emerging spirituality and community, as a caterpillar turns to a butterfly. Drawing on nature poetry, music, and sacred text, we will listen to nature as a sacred text, the way Moses found God in the burning bush, and could no longer continue tending sheep but had to live into the larger story of liberation/exodus from Egypt. Participants will spend some time on the land opening to what the earth would bring into the larger narratives of our lives.

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