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Jane Gerdsen
The Rev. Jane Gerdsen is an Episcopal priest currently serving as Missioner for Fresh Expressions and Praxis Communities for the Diocese of Southern Ohio helping to encourage new forms of Christian community. She works predominantly with young adults and those who have been disenfranchised from the church in some way. She has a heart for those on the margins. She is currently the chair of the Episcopal Church’s Advisory Group for Church Planting and Missional endeavors. Prior to her work with Praxis Communities, she served for five years at St. Andrew’s, an inner city church in Dayton, OH. She is also a wife and mother to two young children and loves yoga, gardening, and planning dinner parties.

Hospitality as a Feminist Act: What happens when women lead communities
Do women lead differently? Join us in exploring the intersection of hospitality, feminism, and praxis. The Reverend Jane Gerdsen (Praxis Communities/Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio) and Meridith Owensby (Lydia’s House Catholic Worker) will discuss women’s leadership in the creating and hosting of faith-based intentional communities. Drawing from scripture and from more recent examples of women whose faith led them to create communities of change, this dialog will include stories from Jane and Meridith’s experience at the helm of startup communities. Come share your favorite inspirational stories and your own experiences of the triumphs and tribulations of community especially as they relate to women. and

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