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Isaac Archuleta
Isaac Archuleta, MA, LPC has a private practice devoted to LGBT+ health and the Executive Director of iAmProject, a non-profit that promotes LGBT+ inclusion in closeted Evangelical churches.

Sacred Wounds Panel
This panel will explore the experience of spiritual and religious trauma — when someone is negated by a faith tradition or community because of who they are, what they think or what they believe. We will explore how this kind of trauma creates the experiences of shame, guilt, unworthiness, hopelessness, grief/loss, and a feeling of conditional love which can impact not just a person’s faith experience but their experience of love, trust and relationship in life as a whole. We will explore ways to begin to heal from this specific kind of traum and find a path to healing and wholeness — mind, body and spirit. This panel will include a mix of those who have experienced religious trauma & those who work as therapists and healers with survivors.

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