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Gabrielle Claiborne
Gabrielle Claiborne was recently honored as Atlanta’s Best Activist for Trans Rights 2015. She is cofounder of Transformation Journeys, a transgender diversity training firm, and has been a lifelong church leader, both in her former life and as a transwoman.
Within the LGBTQI community Gabrielle serves on the Board of Directors for Atlanta PRIDE. She is a member of the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce which nominated her as Business Woman of the Year in 2015 in recognition of the success of her trans owned and operated businesses and her contributions to the community.
Gabrielle has been an out and active transwoman since 2010. Prior to that she owned and operated several businesses in the construction industry, overseeing multimillion dollar projects nationwide. Gabrielle is the parent of three adult children and lives in Atlanta.

Where is the American church with the transgender experience? Are there trans individuals who identify as Christian? What are the basics about transgender people that congregations need to know to be trans welcoming? Are there good resources for quickly and easily helping congregants learn these basics? What does the Bible say about gender variance? What are practical steps a congregation can take to create a trans friendly church?

Learn the answer to these questions and more from our expert panel, while also hearing some of their personal stories. The panel of four includes a transgender priest, a progressive Evangelical transgender pastor, a transwoman who is a lifelong church lay leader, and a cisgender minister who is an active ally. By the end of the workshop, you will know the next steps to take to become a transgender friendly church.

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