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Emily Wimbish
Emily Wimbish has lived in central North Carolina for most of the last decade. She landscapes during the day and makes art and weaves magic and intrigue during her “off time”. She is mostly comfortable existing in such paradoxes as being a colorblind artist and a spiritual atheist, and does her best to remember that the present is all we have, and to be thankful for the experience of being alive. So long as you are open-minded about it, she would love to talk to you about getting out from alcohol dependency and the freedom of sobriety, or about the leaving of faith and why you shouldn’t be afraid of Real Questioning in your search for truth.

Life After Faith: Stories for those of us who no longer believe

Emily Wimbish was an evangelical-flavored fundamentalist missionary kid, True-Love-Waiter, and biblically-literalist Christian who took a step back from her faith one day and never stopped walking. She shares her experiences of leaving Christianity, and those she met along the way. Leaving the only community you’ve ever known is a lonely road, but through sharing stories with fellow-travelers, we begin to find healing. Can the Goose – and our everyday circles – remain spaces of connection and creativity, even when we no longer share a common faith? Emily believes we’re all in this together, offering wisdom on when to stay and when to go.


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