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Emily Lindin
Emily Lindin is the author of “UnSlut: A Diary and a Memoir” and founder of The UnSlut Project, ​which uses personal story sharing to work against sexual bullying and “slut” shaming. The project was inspired by Emily’s own experience being labeled the school “slut” at age eleven and being sexually bullied throughout middle school. Now a Harvard graduate and PhD candidate, Emily started The UnSlut Project by blogging her diary entries from middle school.​ Her award-winning, crowd-funded film, “UnSlut: A Documentary Film,” is currently screening at universities, theaters, and festivals around North America. Emily has been featured speaking out against “slut” shaming on television and radio shows including ABC with Katie Couric, CNN with Brooke Baldwin, The Doctors, Al Jazeera America, and NPR’s Here and Now, and in many magazines and blogs including Women’s Health Magazine, Glamour UK,, The​ ​Telegraph, The New Statesman, The Huffington Post, and The Observer.

Undoing “Slut” Shaming and Sexual Bullying
The UnSlut Project is a growing movement and a supportive online community where women can share their experiences overcoming “slut” shaming and where girls who are currently suffering can find solidarity and hope. Its founder, author and filmmaker Emily Lindin, will discuss the tragic consequences of “slut” shaming, its relationship to sexual consent and sexual bullying, and how we can all help undo many centuries of learned sexual shame, especially for girls and women. Through conversation and a written activity, we will practice personal story sharing and come up with goals related to these issues.






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