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Emily Joy
Emily Joy is a spoken word poet and author whose passion is to use her writing to aid in the dismantling of patriarchy, purity culture, and toxic ideas of the Divine. Emily cut her teeth on the Chicago slam poetry scene while getting a degree in philosophical theology, and has since traveled the country performing and released two studio albums of spoken word poetry. Her newest album, All Prodigal Daughters & Sons, explores the question of what happens after doubt and despair set in—after faith loss can no longer be avoided. How do you begin to rebuild? And how do you strain the good out of a belief system that has caused so much harm? Emily was also a competitor in the 2014 Individual World Poetry Slam in Phoenix, Arizona. She currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her partner #TwitterlessBilly and their two cats.

Wild Goose Poetry Open Mic with Emily Joy
Come listen to spoken word poet and author Emily Joy perform her poetry and get the chance to share your own with the crowd in an open mic format. We will be exploring themes of faith, doubt, love, sexuality, justice and more, all through the lens of poetry and story. There will also be time for Q&R: questions and response. Arrive 10 minutes early to sign up to read or perform during the open mic portion.

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