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Dale Thompson
Dale is a native of northeast Tennessee. A life-long fan of music, he first experienced drum circles 20 years ago and was immediately captivated by the power of the rhythm. Since then he has participated in drum circles large and small and performed with groups ranging from heavy rock to old-time front porch to funk jams. He is delighted to bring his enthusiasm and knowledge of rhythm music to share with the Wild Goose festival.

Drumming Workshop
Rhythm is all around us, from our heartbeats to the cycle of the seasons. Drum circles can be an expression and celebration of this vital aspect of Life. Join us to learn some of the basics of how to function within and contribute to a successful drum circle. Starting with the basic ways to effectively strike a drum, we’ll move into the foundation and dynamics of drum circles – how to keep the rhythm strong, how to interact with other players, and how to add your own personal mark to the sound will all be addressed. ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS: Even when you’re alone, there are ways to enjoy and challenge yourself with rhythm. These can be thought of as games or exercises, utilizing any of three specific rhythms: the Latin clave, the paradiddle, and the African six-count rhythm. Emphasis will be on ambidexterity and learning to use your own body as an instrument. These activities are fun and stimulating to the brain, and encourage balance and coordination. Topics from the main workshop can also be reviewed.

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