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Cynthia Bauer
As Kupenda for the Children’s executive director, Cynthia encourages others with disabilities to meet their God-given potential by sharing the message of God’s inclusive love in multiple ways including playing her guitar to demonstrate what is possible when opportunities are available to everyone. Born without her left hand, Cynthia was moved to action when she learned of the stigmas connected to disability in Kenya, when she was there doing environmental research for her master’s degree. Through her example, speaking, writing, and networking, Cynthia advocates for children with disabilities in Kenya, Tanzania, and the U.S. with increasing global interest. Cynthia co-founding “Kupenda for the Children”, with a Kenyan teacher, is narrated in a recently published book “An Unlikely Gift.”

Including People with Disabilities Justice Movements
People with disabilities are a part of every race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation yet have a unique culture. They face a common discrimination leading to abuse, neglect, and even murder. The World Health Organization estimates that there are one billion people with disabilities, worldwide, severe enough to limit their participation in family, community and political life. However, even justice movements seem to overlook this group of people. Kupenda for the Children is working hard to change this. Cynthia Bauer will share her story and work with families impacted by disabilities in Kenya. Participants will also share their experiences with disability and inclusion. Born without her left hand, Cynthia will play her guitar as she often does in Kenya to show what is possible when children with disabilities are given opportunities. This session will end with a discussion on how we can be truly inclusive in our lives and work.

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