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Christina Drouin

Christina Drouin has been a national leader in nonprofit strategic planning and a trusted advisor to schools and congregations for more than twenty years. She has facilitated hundreds of strategic plans and workshops that have led organizations to undreamed of growth and impact. Now she has customized her proven planning process so individuals can transform their personal futures as well. Christina’s own vision of her future was shattered eight years ago with the sudden death of her husband. But by intentionally inviting God into the conversation about her future, she was able to form a Divinely-aligned Sacred Plan that made daily and long range decisions much simpler and more impactful. The power of this discovery inspired Christina’s new work with like-minded individuals and groups. An award-winning speaker, Christina is co-author of three books on strategic planning and presently is working on two more.

What Story Will You Tell Five Years from Now?

Through a series of contemplative self-inquiry activities and dynamic small group interactions, strategist Christina Drouin will provide Wild Goosers a unique opportunity to engage in sacred circles of personal strategic planning and align with the Divine about their future direction. Participants will leave with a spiritually inspired five-year planning template designed to stimulate progress toward a vision of who they could be and the impact they could be having five years from now based on the values and purpose that define them and the challenges they face.

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