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Chelsea Jackson
Chelsea Jackson is an ever-evolving poet, theologian and activist. With a heart for community organizing and empowerment, Chelsea engages in prophetic disobedience, and seeks to reimagine a Church that sees beyond its own walls. Born and raised in southeastern Virginia, Chelsea graduated from Shenandoah University with a Bachelor’s in Music Therapy, and Drew Theological School with a Master of Divinity. Passionate about creativity and its power to both comfort and challenge, Chelsea uses her poetry to engage theology and raise awareness for social and environmental justice. Chelsea currently serves as the Assistant Pastor of the United Methodist Church in Madison, New Jersey, and lives in Madison with her partner Parker and their cat DeCafe.

Art as Activism
Can art foster change? How might art heal? How might it harm? In “Art as Activism,” artists and non-artists alike will explore the power of art and its ability to either perpetuate or challenge injustice. Tapping into the deep creativity, community and social concern of Wild Goose, this session will provide space to engage art that challenges oppression and questions the status quo. Throughout this workshop Chelsea will perform some of her own work, lead discussion on art as a tool for change, and offer the opportunity for others to engage in their own creativity. Creativity runs through us all as individuals, communities of faith and a collective world; therefore we should be made aware of its potential, so all may appreciate the power of words, canvas and clay to knock down walls and call for justice.

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