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Brian Ammons

Brian is Chaplain at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina, USA. He is a Baptist minister and was among the first out LGBTQ folks to be ordained in mainline churches in the US South. Brian has taught courses in gender studies, practical theology, and education at several universities, and he writes and speaks widely about the intersection of spirituality, sexuality, and justice. He is happily married to Irish writer and cinema obsessive Gareth Higgins.

Inside Out: A Contemplative Talk Show (With Silence & Laughter Too)

Join Wild Goose founding director Gareth Higgins and founding team member Brian Ammons for a different kind of talk show. Conversations with guests including well known WG presenters and performers about how they decided to pursue their vocation, the spiritual practices that nurture them, and how to take life seriously without taking ourselves too seriously. With a healthy dose of surprises, silence, and stirring it up, we think Brian & Gareth’s Inside Out conversations will become a new festival favorite.

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