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Brandan Robertson
Brandan Robertson is a progressive evangelical author, activist, and spiritual entrepreneur. He is the author of “Nomad: A Spirituality for Traveling Light” and is the founder and Executive Director of “Nomad Partnerships”, a non-profit dedicated to equipping and empowering people of faith to be fierce advocates for human rights. He is a regular contributor to Patheos, Huffington Post, and TIME magazine and is passionate about cultivating conversations at the intersections of spirituality, sexuality, and social renewal.

Brandan Robertson
In this talk, Brandan will discuss the content of his forthcoming book by the same title, articulating a theology and sociological case that God is using sexual and gender minorities (as well as people of color and women) to bring about a global revival in the Church. Brandan will share stories from his work with governments and religious institutions internationally and demonstrate that the future of Christianity, and indeed, all of humanity, is one of greater inclusivity, unity, and progress.

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