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Beth Carlson-Malena
Beth Carlson-Malena grew up as a Baptist pastor’s daughter in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. She met her wife Danice ten years ago when they were roommates in seminary at Regent College in Vancouver, BC, which sent them on a journey of figuring out their sexuality and how to reconcile it with their faith. During and after her studies, Beth co-pastored a Baptist church plant and worked at Jacob’s Well, an intentional community among the poor in the Downtown Eastside, and Danice was a youth pastor in another justice-oriented Baptist church. Their marriage two years ago meant they could no longer pastor among the Baptists. They now work with New Direction Ministries in Toronto, offering pastoral care and connection to LGBTQ Christian adults and youth, seeking justice and unity in the church around issues of sexuality and gender.

Oriented to Love: Intentional dialogue about sexual/gender diversity in the faith community
Join us for a moderated fishbowl conversation with Jesus-followers of various sexual/gender orientations and theological convictions. What kinds of questions generate the best dialogue? How can people who disagree on what faithful sexuality is enjoy unity within the body of Christ? What does it look like to listen with love? How can we connect across deep differences without leaving our convictions at the door?

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