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Bec Cranford
Bec Cranford is a Bapticostal Misfit floating in the Mainline. She works full-time in one of Atlanta’s largest homeless service agencies and supervises a contextual education course for Candler School of Theology. Bec enjoys getting messy with acrylic, theology, and Basil, her four-legged child.

Our stories of Home and Homelessness
There exist over 3,000 scriptures regarding God’s desire for Justice. What implications do these have in the way we live our lives? Do we meet Jesus in the streets, as s/he is hungry, abandoned, and alienated? This interactive story event will explore our narratives, ,a time of group reflection about home and homelessness, and a symbolic act towards action. In keeping with the theme of stirring the waters for healing, the session participants will explore issues together and urge one another on through a series of visual and interactive ceremonies to continue good work. Versandra, Amy, Bec, and others will share their own stories of home and homelessness.

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