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Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith lives in Salisbury, NC. Anthony is one of the curators (along with this wife Toni Cook-Smith) of Mission House, a kingdom experiment in Salisbury, NC. He is the ‘resident emerging theologian’ of an Emergent Village cohort in Charlotte and a co-host of the emergent cohort in Statesville, NC. He also serves on the leadership team of TransFORM, a global network of missional leaders and communities. He facilitates a blog, Musings of a Postmodern Negro, that is an investigation into the intersection of theology, philosophy, race, popular culture, politics, and emerging culture.

The Metaphor & Morality of the Walking Dead: A Discussion on Scarcity, Hope & Waking Up To Our Calling as People of Faith
In a world in which megalomaniacs gain power by bigotry and hatred, where cruelty is given priority more often than it should, and where so many of us find ourselves overwhelmed by the pain in the world to the point of checking out, we are in a moment in our culture and history in which we have the danger of becoming our own “walking dead” and where we have to fight our own fear and malaise to stay alive, awake, and daringly conscious in a world that can feel like it’s on the brink of a real-time zombie apocalypse. In this talk we will explore the themes of “The Walking Dead,” the metaphors inherent in the series which relate to our own human condition, and the ways in which we fight to stay alive and work for our own faithful conscience about the value of ourselves and all people in our own life, faith and culture.

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