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Anita Grace Brown
Anita lives in NJ with her husband, two teens and golden retriever, Sierra. They live by the family mantra “Either everything’s a miracle, or nothing is!”. She enjoys filling each day with plenty of time in nature, cooking, writing, yoga + meditation. Personally since yoga as spiritual practice has helped heal her from anxiety, depression, + IBS , she is passionate about sharing it with underserved populations- the incarcerated, the inner-city + interestingly enough…Christians!! Yoga:Union:Christ all is ONE DIVINE HEART.

Embrace Your Warrior’s Story: A Yoga Class
Daily morning all-levels vinyasa yoga: kickstart your day in your body, moving with breath awareness, connecting to your heart. Accompied by live acoustic music compliments of Thom Buchanan and hands-on assists by Becky Holloman. You are guaranteed to leave with a relaxed smile ready to embrace your day!!

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