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Rev. Andrew Wilkes
Rev. Andrew Wilkes is the principal of Wilkes Advocacy Group and the associate pastor of social justice and young adults at the Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of New York. Rooted in the subversive spirituality of Southern black church traditions, Rev. Wilkes is committed to working towards a socialist political economy, writing as popular education, and forging a fellowship of Jesus that prioritizes compassion, friendship, and prayer.

Black Christian Socialism: Recovering Resources for Repentance and Re-Organizing Society
We live in a moment where capitalism is increasingly derided; its promises of harnessing the inequalities of the business cycle, increasingly disbelieved; its claims of bringing justice during election cycle, increasingly dismissed. Despite this trend, an alternate synthesis of spirituality and political economy – one that openly seeks to move beyond available capitalisms – has yet to become ascendant, or even strongly articulated. Through personal anecdote, group discussion, and theological/political argument, Black Christian Socialism will outline an inheritance of ideas and initiatives as resources for moving beyond the social miseries and disordered desires induced by capitalism.

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