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Aline Silva-Schreiner
Aline (Ah-lee-nee) Silva-Schreiner is a certified life coach and discernment workshop leader for the Fund for Theological Exploration. She has served as a young adult mentor for a Missionary Baptist Church, a youth pastor at a United Methodist Church, community outreach pastor at a Cooperative Baptist Church, associate pastor at an American Baptist Church, interim pastor at a Disciples of Christ Church, itinerant preacher for the American Baptist Churches and the prestigious Academy of Young Preachers. Her expertise includes, preaching, teaching, pastoral care, coaching, and spiritual formation. She is also well-versed in web design, social media, strategic planning, goal setting, and leadership coaching. Aline received a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from the University of Kansas was nominated as the 2010 Woman of Community Service Leadership Award, and later I received a Master of Divinity from Central Baptist Theological Seminary. Aline was born and raised Roman Catholic and Seventh-Day Adventist in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At the age of seven, her family retired from religious life. When she was thirteen, she encountered a new kind of faith in a house church but her parents did not like religion, they forbade me from going back but Aline found her way to ministry and accepted her call.

Being CreatureKind
Didn’t God give us animals to eat? Doesn’t being made in the image of God and having dominion over animals mean we can use them in whatever way benefits us? Should we really be talking about animals when there are so many people problems? We’ve all inherited a story about the place of animals in our life (yes, we used to like animals right next to our mashed potatoes, too). But is there a different story? One that doesn’t pit humans against the rest of creation, but helps us to move with the Holy Spirit into reconciliation with the whole world? Let’s find out together.

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