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Alicia Crosby
Alicia Crosby, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Center for Inclusivity (CFI), has always been the type of person to color outside the lines. Her affinity for strategizing and planning makes spending her days dedicated to managing the organization’s logistical and programmatic needs a great joy. Her love of justice, contemplative activism, and community engagement led her to pursue a M.A. in Social Justice and a Certificate in Non-Profit Management & Philanthropy at Loyola University Chicago. She also holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Education, Psychology, and Pastoral Studies from Hollins University. This Chicago-based writer and social entrepreneur’s passions for faith, sexuality, love, and journey are reflected through her work with CFI and on her blog, Chasing the Promise. You’ll find this NYC native participating in shenanigans and deep reflection throughout the festival with her beloved Wild Goose Youth.

Dirty Little Secret: Sharing Our (Untold) Religious Stories
Many of us have baggage from carrying secrets and (untold) stories around with us over the years. Some of these stories are absurd and things we can laugh about now while others may still cause us pain and are challenging to give voice to. Join us as we share the religious tales that have impacted our respective journeys through reflection and small group discussion.

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