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Women Survivor’s Empowerment-Survivors of Domestic Violence Regain Independence and Hope Connecting to the Earth

Fri 10 AM | Convo Hall 7
Sat 4 PM | Convo Hall 7

Rev. Abby Catoe

Women all over the world continue to be subjected to violence-outside and inside the home. Why do women stay in such situations and how can we help them to free themselves and become independent so they will not return?Connecting to God through the soil is a powerful way to help heal. There is also the concern about how Christianity has played a role in keeping women subjected to domination? As Christians, how do we bring about change regarding the role of women?

Abby Catoe

A life-long Christian, I took a long break from religious involvement only to be called again as a late bloomer! I recently completed seminary and was ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in 2017. I love all people, animals and the outdoors engaging in horseback riding, kayaking, hiking as well as having a career in landscaping that keeps me outdoors. As a survivor of domestic violence, it only makes sense that God would call me to the ministry of helping other women who experience abuse. The nonprofit under way, Annie’s Hope Center for Growing and Healing will help any woman who is ready to be free from the trauma to heal, grow and find self-worth seeing themselves as God sees them; with love and divinity.
I am married to a wonderful companion who shares the care of our horses and dogs and grandchildren!

125 Hope for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Session #125

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