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Birds of a Feather: What can we learn about being a mixed flock church from birds and how we observe them?

Birding at 6:00 AM Friday and Saturday | Meet at the Main Stage Lawn
Session at 2:00 PM Saturday | Bridge

Ian Lynch

Sometimes birds of different species do flock together. As the church experiences convergence we might learn a thing or two from bird behavior. Through anecdotes and identification tips, birdwatching will be used as a metaphor for a new way of being church. What does migration teach us about risks and survival? How can a literal wild goose chase help us to understand that the Wild Goose often leads us into places we may not go ourselves? The afternoon session will be a time to explore the metaphor of birdwatching and chasing wild geese with some teaching about how to be a better birdwatcher (and maybe even a better follower of Christ). But since the best learning comes in walking the talk, there will also be early morning sessions offered both to sit in meditative and observant listening to birdsong followed by walks to observe whatever species the Wild Goose sends our way. If you have binoculars and field guides, bring them. There will be limited optics for sharing, but since most birding is “by ear” you will still enjoy the experience if you don’t have equipment.

Peace שָׁלוֹם سلام

Ian Lynch

Ian is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. He has been part of the migration to the Wild Goose nearly every year since the start. The image of the Wild Goose speaks to his passion. He has been an avid birder for three decades with a life list of 470 species and having been on winning teams at both the Super Bowl of Birding and the World Series of Birding. Currently he is pastor of Old South Church in Kirtland, Ohio.

120 Birds of a Feather

Session #120

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