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Epiphany Collection: Interactive Stories with Face Paint and Body Art

Sat 2 PM | Bridge

Epiphany Team

Heaven and earth, the Celtic saying goes, are only three feet apart, but in “thin places”, that distance is even shorter. An epiphany is a manifestation of a divine or supernatural being. Each of us experiences “thin places” and Epiphanies in very different. The Epiphany Collection hopes to collect your stories of “thin places”. Come with a friend or on your own. When you come with a friend, we will provide you with discussion questions and face/body paint. While you share your Epiphany or “thin place” your partner, they will try to recreate your story with face or body paint. If you come on our own we will interview you while painting your face or body. **If there is any part of the process that makes you feel uncomfortable, please let us know. We understand that face or body paint or photography is not for everyone. Please feel free to share your story with us in any way that you want.

Linda ClenDening

Linda and Andie are a mother-daughter team fascinated with storytelling. They both really enjoy podcasts like This American Life and Serial. It’s amazing how vulnerable people are willing to be when sharing their stories. Both mother and daughter love listening to others to understand. Linda lives in Nashville, TN and Andie lives in rural Colorado. Last year Andie took Linda to a music festival in Colorado and they hope to attend more together. They love chatting about music, philosophy, and religion.

116 Interactive Stories with Body Art

Session #116

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