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When One Dream Ends: Finding Healing and Purpose After Trauma and Loss

Fri 1 PM | Convo Hall 7
Sat 3 PM | Convo Hall 7

Michelle Schumacher

Every Day, You Are Loved conveys to adoptive children that they will always be loved…on the good days, the bad days, and all the in-between days. While I originally wrote the book for my then seven-year-old son, its message has helped me find healing, as well, from the abuse in my families of origin and by marriage, and even my church family. Rather than turning my back on God, I drew closer to Gawuh’s (God as we understood him) infinite love. In doing so, I was led to resources that helped me transform my traumas and losses into healing and purpose. As an instructional designer and a licensed massage therapist; a Hospice volunteer; a Wild Goose Festival Staff Volunteer; and an active member of Al-Anon, the Methodist church, and a Buddhist meditation center following the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, today my life’s purpose is to serve by helping others live all their days well. This presentation will provide direction to help others find their healing and life’s purpose, as well.

Michelle Schumacher

Venue Producer
Having had the greatest spiritual experience of her life at her first Wild Goose Festival in 2016, Michelle is incredibly thankful for the opportunity to give back as part of the WGF Staff/Support Team. Through her current work as a geriatric licensed massage therapist, instructional designer, author, and community volunteer, Michelle seeks to be the change she wishes to see in her own little corner of the world by helping others live all their days well. She is most grateful when she has the opportunity to work with and for other individuals and organizations that are choosing to do the same.

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