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The Great Adventure: Thomas Berry’s One Sacred Community–Exploring the Earth-Human-Divine Relationship

Fri 3 PM | Convo Hall 8
Sat 1 PM | Convo Hall 4

Gerard and Diana Berry

We are living in a “convulsive moment” of history for the Earth-Human-Divine relationship, as eco-theologian Thomas Berry has often said. Ours has been a time of historic confusion in which the Sacred Story has been forgotten and must be remembered anew. The survival of both the natural world and the human depends on it. Our two fates are identical. The savage assault on the earth is essentially an assault on our home and on ourselves. In our own deepest places we know this to be true and in process.

Gerard Berry

Gerard Berry lives in Pfafftown, NC, where he has served in adult medicine for 35 years. He currently works with uninsured patients in mental health and addiction medicine. He writes poetry, memoir and short fiction, with a special attraction to ecospirituality and human transformation. Gerard and his wife Diana have five adult children.

438 The Great Adventure: Thomas Berry’s One Sacred Community

Session #438

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