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Spanda: The Journey to Your True Self

Fri 10 AM | Convo Hall 9
Sat 2 PM | Convo Hall 7

Brandyn Simmons

Spanda (Sanskrit): vibration; tremor. The space between the inhale and the exhale. The nanosecond that potential becomes reality. The moment of expectation just before the sun breaks over the horizon at sunrise. Imagine living and being who you really are. Thomas Merton, Richard Rohr, and Parker Palmer, among others, have talked about the True Self. Each of us has had those Spanda moments when the infinite possibilities of who we are in the image of God break forth and we know “this is who I was meant to be.” This is the awareness of our True Self. Most of us spend our lives putting on a False Self to conform to what we think society expects of us. We suffer in this process and cause suffering for those around us. In this session, we will share our Spanda moments and dialogue about how we might live into that Self to reduce stress, burnout, and cognitive dissonance and start living as who we really are.

Session #412

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