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Is the Bible True? A Quick Guide to a Terrible Question

Sat 10 AM | Workshop

Jared Byas

Many of us find ourselves in a tough spot with the Bible. On the one hand, it feels irrelevant, full of old tales and rules. On the other hand, it is what so many of us have leaned on for so long to find truth about our lives. So it’s only natural to ask, “Is the Bible true?” Join Jared Byas, co-host of The Bible for Normal People podcast for an honest conversation about truth, the Bible, and how that might not even be the right question.

Jared Byas

As a former mega-church pastor and professor of philosophy, Jared Byas discovered that leadership often destroys the creative impulse rather than fosters it. Now he runs MyOhai, a talent collective of designers, developers, and advisers near Philadelphia. His passion is to create systems where creative people can flourish in their work, family, and spiritual journey. He is the co-author of Genesis for Normal People (Patheos, 2012) and writes about faith and culture at

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