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God is the Fact That…Living to Die – An exploration of mortality and faith through poetry and personal reflection.

Fri 4 PM | Workshop

Rev. Adam Lawrence Dyer

Human beings have always been trying to understand what it means to be alive. As creatures with an awareness of our own mortality, we wrestle, often through various religious expressions with the ideas of birth, death and the afterlife. But what does this mean in a world that is increasingly multi-cultural and multi-religious?Rev. Adam Lawrence Dyer shares creative insights into mortality and religion from the perspective of a Unitarian Universalist minister who is often asked to develop worship and offer prayer that holds space and honors multiple religious expressions. Sharing his own journey to understand God in his life while recognizing equally deeply held humanist beliefs he invites you to explore your own spiritual path and language through a combination of lecture and poetry.

Adam Dyer

Adam Dyer

Board Member
Reverend Adam Lawrence Dyer is the Lead Minister at First Parish Cambridge, Unitarian Universalist Church in Cambridge, MA. He is thrilled to return to Wild Goose as a proud member of the Board. His ministry and writing focuses on embodied faith and exploring the intersection between race, sexuality and religion. A graduate of the Pacific School of Religion, he also holds a certificate in Sexuality and Religion and was the 2017 recipient of the Paul Wesley Yinger preaching award. His book of poetry/meditations Love Beyond God was published in 2016 by Skinner House Books. At First Parish, he is deeply engaged in ministry to address issues around homelessness supporting the work of youth shelters, meals programs and programs to support the elderly remaining in the home. In addition to serving First Parish, Adam is also the Unitarian Universalist Chaplain at Harvard University.

321 God is the Fact That…Living to Die – Mortality and Faith
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