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Medicine Wheel Mandala: A Healing Ceremony

Sat 2 PM | Healing Arts

Rev. Katie Jo Suddaby

Life’s most important lessons are learned not in our heads, but in our bodies. Join Christian-Shaman Pastor Nar Martinez and Sand Painter Rev. Katie Jo Suddaby as they make a room-sized medicine wheel. The Medicine Wheel, sometimes known as the Sacred Hoop, embodies the four directions and has been used by generations of Native American tribes for health and healing. The Mandala comes from Tibetan Buddhism. It, too, is a symbolic representation of the world and a reminder that nothing is permanent. Join Pastor Nar and Katie Jo as they create a new participatory ritual of healing that honors both traditions.

Katie Jo Suddaby

Rev. Katie Jo Suddaby is a freelance pastor, ordained with the American Baptist Churches USA. Short, spunky, and straight forward; she is a sought after speaker and artist. The art-form that captured her heart is Tibetan Sand Painting. Katie Jo is one of the few Westerners who practice this ancient, delicate art. Since 2012, she has designed and performed over 40 original mandalas for festivals and retreats across the country. She has received training from Tibetan Buddhist monks in the US and Nepal. Katie Jo loves to fuse Buddhist art and Christian texts to teach self-care, art as a spiritual expression, and the value of religious diversity. When not roaming around providing pastoral services, she can be found running a food pantry in Rochester, NY, watching Star Trek, walking her dog (Bernie Sanders), and singing show tunes.

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291 Medicine Wheel Mandala

Nar Martinez

Nar Martinez

Healing Arts
Rev. Narcizo Martinez – known to many as ‘Pastor Nar’ – is a Mexican-American currently residing in Ohio. Growing up in a bi-racial household, he learned to appreciate the unique gifts offered through his differing familial cultures. He understands the struggles and beauty of integrating multiple cultures in his life story.

This celebration of opposites applies not only to his heritage, but also to his spirituality. After coming to faith during the Jesus Movement, he traversed through many different expressions of community. He is a lover and follower of Jesus, a mystic, as well as a practicing Shaman. The thread that holds this eclectic mix together is his belief in the Great Spirit that has expressed itself at all times, in all cultures, and through all people.

Nar is a healer – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He is also an experienced ritual and ceremony creator who utilizes the ancient praxis of the Medicine Wheel, Sacred Touch, Essential Oil Anointing / Massage.

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291 Medicine Wheel Mandala

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